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Patient Story - Sherrie

Houston Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guy Lewis gives Sherrie a beautiful new smile with his patented G. Lewis no-prep veneers

A Smile Makeover Story

Sherrie: I came to Dr. Lewis because I always wanted to have really white teeth. And my teeth were straight. I never had to wear braces. Didn't have any of that as issues, but I had extreme sensitivity. So I could not use any of the whitening strips or just the gels that anyone could. My gums were receding, probably because I am one of those brushers that brush the wrong way. Didn't do the circular motion.

Dr.Guy Lewis: She really wanted veneers. She had just gone through a lot of personal stuff and she wanted to make a change in her life, but she really did not want her teeth touched. She did not want anything reduced on her teeth or anything prepared.

Sherrie: So he sort of walked me through the process and I found out that what he could do meant that I didn't have to have my teeth all filed down. They just sort of buffed them and he just recreated my smile. It's really strange because he didn't change a whole lot, but it did change a whole lot.

Dr.Guy Lewis: So we did the set on her and they turned out beautiful. I've done thousands of them and people are very happy with them. And what we've found out is in most cases, they're stronger, even though they're very thin, they're stronger than regular veneers because the strength isn't derived totally from the thickness of porcelain. I mean, you have to have a certain thickness. But it's derived from the bond to the tooth, and we've found that when we bond to the enamel, which is the natural outer layer of the tooth, that we get a much stronger, much harder veneer.

Sherrie: Just the craftsmanship was amazing. I mean, it was like going to a da Vinci or somebody because it was such tiny details, but it really changed my smile.

Dr.Guy Lewis: So in actuality, not only are they less destructive to the tooth or you don't have to take anything off the tooth, but they're also stronger. And so they look great.

Sherrie: It was painless. Came back, put them on, was getting my hands massaged during the whole process, and I walked out and I had a perfect smile that looked natural. I enjoy smiling and I love having people say, "You have the prettiest smile!"