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Patient Stories

For over 30 years, Dr. Lewis has stayed at the forefront of dental techniques and technology in order to deliver to his patients the best that dentistry has to offer. He and the team of Doctors at Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry take pride in helping each and every one of their patients achieve their unique dental goals. That is why people travel from across the globe to the Texas Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry in Houston, TX, to be treated by Dr. Lewis and his hand-picked staff. Take a look through some of our favorite patient stories below.

Dawn's Story



Dawn has a beautiful smile thanks to The Woodlands, TX cosmetic dentist Dr. Guy Lewis. Originally from out-of-state, she heard about Dr. Lewis through word of mouth and decided to visit for a crown replacement. After meeting Dr. Lewis and the wonderful staff at Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, she decided to expand her treatment with a combination of cosmetic procedures. She and her family now consider Dr. Lewis their dentist of choice for general and cosmetic dentistry needs.


Marc's Story



Marc has been a patient of Dr. Guy Lewis for more than 20 years. Marc has seen Dr. Lewis for cavities, a root canal, and even veneers. He considers Dr. Lewis not only his dentist, but a friend. Listen to his story and see why Marc is such a fan of Dr. Lewis and the team at Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.


Rita's Story



Long-time patient Rita shares why she chose Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Guy Lewis to give her a beautiful smile. Rita has been a patient at Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry for many years. She has received Porcelain Veneers from Dr. Lewis. Rita considers the staff and doctors here, not just medical care providers, but friends.


Nathan's Story



After an assault that left 6 of his front teeth damaged, Nathan visited Dr. Guy Lewis on the recommendation of a family friend. Nathan trusted Dr. Lewis and his staff to restore his smile to its original charming state just in time for his wedding.


Macy's Story



Following a work accident, Macy came to see Dr. Lewis to have her smile rebuilt. He was able to give her a beautiful smile to match her beautiful personality. Macy fell 15 feet, face first and needed extensive repair work. Dr. Lewis spent hours by her bedside, working diligently to repair not just her mouth's functionality, but her aesthetic look as well. 


Sherrie's Story



Houston Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guy Lewis gives Sherrie a beautiful new smile with his patented G. Lewis No-Prep Veneers. Sherrie came to Dr. Lewis with a relatively smile, wanting to enhance her natural beauty. She worked with Dr. Lewis to find the best treatment plan, which for her, meant No-Prep Veneers. This technique keeps the majority of the natural tooth intact and doesn't require extensive filing of the teeth pre-veneer. Sherrie saw an improved gum line and whiter teeth almost instantly.