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About Night Guards

Grinding your teeth while you sleep can be the culprit of a host of problems. A night guard by the Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry will protect your teeth from grinding while you sleep, which causes teeth to break and wear down over time. Are you waking up in the mornings with a headache or a sore jaw? If so, here is a good chance that you suffer from involuntary teeth grinding while you sleep, also known as bruxism, which wears teeth down over time. This is problematic because the more worn down your teeth become, the less effective they are for essential actions like chewing. Not only that, but teeth flattened by grinding are more susceptible to cracks, receding gums, and temperature sensitivity since the nerves are exposed. You could also prematurely lose teeth from the damage. In addition, grinding could lead to more severe problems like intense or constant migraines.

Wearing a night guard is a proactive solution to protect the teeth and prevent you from having to treat the resulting problems with a myriad of other dental solutions, such as porcelain crowns, dental bridges, porcelain veneers, dental implants and root canals. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for grinding. However, the problem can be effectively treated with a custom-fitted night guard. Schedule a consultation in our Houston or The Woodlands, TX dental practice.


We will take digital X-rays and impression of your upper and lower teeth at your night guard consultation. You will discuss what type of material is most appropriate for your condition and symptoms, and then we will send the impressions and information to a dental laboratory to have your night guard made. After your night guard arrives at our office, we will schedule a fitting for you. If at the fitting the night guard does not properly fit or meet expectations, it may have to be sent back for further adjustments.

Night Guard FAQs

DO I have to Use it Every Day?

For optimal results, you need to use your night guard every night while you sleep. This will prevent damage to the surface of your teeth while you are clenching and grinding your teeth in your sleep.

How long does it last?

With proper home care and cleaning, your night guard can last a long time. You will also be given special care instructions on how to best maintain the product. We will want you to bring the night guard with you to all future dental check-ups and cleanings to make sure it does not need replaced or repaired.

what if I lose it?

If you lose your night guard, we can have a replacement made at our dental laboratory. Remember, the oral appliance is replaceable. However, the health of your teeth is precious. Wearing your night guard is a protection for your teeth. Even though a night guard can be replaced, you still must wait for the replacement to be made and invest more. We will help you replace your missing night guard if necessary.

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Stop waking up in pain from clenching and grinding your teeth every night while you sleep. With a proper fitting, custom-made night guard, you will protect your pearly whites, avoid damaging your teeth, and wake up without the headache or jaw pain from clinching in your sleep. To learn more about how you could benefit or be fitted for a night guard, please call and schedule a consultation today.

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