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Cavity Detection

Cavity Detection – DIAGNOdent™ & CariVU™ Laser Caries Detection – Houston, TX

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Our board-certified Cosmetic Dentists at the Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry know the importance in finding even the smallest cavity in your smile. We can help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. All our locations have the DIAGNOdent and CariVu laser caries detection technologies that we use during your dental examinations and cleanings. We have added laser cavity detection in addition to X-rays, visual examinations, and more to provide each patient with the best care possible. Dr. Lewis and his team will provide you with a thorough examination your gums, teeth, jaw, and bones to check for signs of decay. If there is a cavity, we can then come up with a plan to treat. Dental examinations with the DIAGNOdent and CariVu technologies help our patients be proactive with their oral health.


After your teeth cleaning, your registered dental hygienist will take you to our dental imaging room. Your teeth will be gently scanned with the DIAGNOdent or CariVu laser cavity detection technology. The process is very quick, and you will experience no pain from this screening as it is just light. Once the imaging is complete, you will discuss the results with your dentist and proceed to treatment if cavities are found.

Cavity Detection FAQs

Do I Still Need X-Rays?

Yes. Our laser cavity detection technology supplementation to your dentist's traditional visual examination and X-rays. We can find more out about the surface area (where you bite and/or chew) with the cavity detection technology. It is an excellent additional tool in your dentist's diagnostic tool belt. You may also have other dental work that may interfere or hide cavities that the laser may not pick up. 

How Often?

Your dentist will recommend how many times a year you will need to be seen for excellent preventative care. Most patients only need a cavity detection session during their dental examinations or if there is something wrong. Your dentist will make that call during your dental examination appointment.

What if I am High Risk?

Some of our patients are more at risk for cavities than others. You may need to see a dentist more than other patients. We may recommend a dental examination with laser cavity detection every 3 – 4 months if you are prone to cavities or plaque build-up, pregnant, have gum disease, diagnosed with diabetes, have a weakened immune system, or chew or smoke tobacco.

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Better Check-ups

At the Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, your dentist will use state-of-the-art dental technology, like the DIAGNOdent and CariVu laser cavity detection equipment, to form your treatment plan. We want to provide you with some of the best diagnostic tools available in preventative dentistry. Our cosmetic and general dentists want to help you have healthy teeth and gums, and this starts with finding what can be fixed before it turns into a bigger, more expensive dental problem.

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