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Bite Analysis

Bite Analysis – T-Scan™ – Digital Occlusal Analysis System – Houston, TX

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Sometimes, your mouth can inherently make problems for itself: a bad bite can be bad news. Luckily, here at the Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry we can accurately analyze your bite and diagnose problems with our revolutionary T-Scan Occlusal Analysis System. Our board-certified Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Guy Lewis and his team can measure tooth stability, and how much force each tooth can take with the T-Scan. We will study how your teeth, jaw, and muscles work together for this in-depth analysis. You can also expect to have diagnostic digital X-rays, a bite study, and a physical examination of your jaw and mouth at your bite analysis appointment.

Patients who seek a bite analysis may have the following symptoms:

  • Painful, labored chewing
  • Bad dental health (broken teeth, uneven bite, and more)
  • Bruxism
  • Headaches and earaches
  • A sore jaw or tight muscles in the jaw line
  • Loose teeth and/or receding gums
  • Clicking or popping in the jaw while chewing, talking, or yawning

If you are experiencing some of these symptoms or have been referred to our practice by another doctor for a bite analysis, please contact our office for a consultation. We can help you diagnose the problem and offer solutions to get you on the road to better health.


In one of our treatment rooms, we will provide you with the bite analysis equipment. You will simply bite down on the sensor. Your bite will be instantly rendered and the data will configured on screen. With this, your dentist will have a digital analysis of your bite than conventional testing methods. You also gain the ability to easily visualize the mechanics of your bite without detailed dental knowledge.

Bite Analysis FAQs

What Is a "Bad Bite?"

A bad bite happens when a bite is unbalanced, and certain teeth within the mouth touch sooner than others or with more force. Broken, chipped, cracked, uneven, or loose teeth can aid in the problem. Every patient will have their own analysis into the problems they are having with their bite.

How did they test in the past?

Believe it or not, with paper. The T-Scan allows for a far more accurate and precise reading of your bite's mechanics than the conventional way. Our practice will provide you with the latest dental equipment and technology on the market when you come for an assessment at the Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

What are the benefits?

A T-Scan is able to create in-depth pre- and post-procedure records for easy storage and access on a computer, allowing for streamlined tracking of dental health. Never have bite mechanics been so easily available and therefore so extensively beneficial. By measuring the timing and force of the bite at individual locations within the mouth, the T-Scan can also identify potential problems within a bite and easily showcase them in chart and 3D format on a computer screen. Once identified, solutions for a bad bite can be easily discussed for a personalized treatment plan.

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Concerned With Your Bite?

If you are suffering from symptoms or believe you may have a bad bite, rest assured that a T-Scan is the first step toward improving your dental health. For more information, we encourage you to contact our office in The Woodlands or Houston, TX for a consultation at the Texas Center for Cosmetic Dentistry today.

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