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Patient Story - Dawn

Dawn has a beautiful smile thanks to The Woodlands, TX cosmetic dentist Dr. Guy Lewis.

Patient Testimonial

I'm originally from out of state, and I was in need of having four crowns in the front of my mouth replaced. I didn't know a dentist here in The Woodlands. I asked around and I was given the name of Dr. Lewis. I had seen some of his advertisements. So, I made an appointment and I came in. My original intent was to simply have those crowns replaced that I needed to have done, and after several discussions and speaking with some of the other staff, they opened my mind up to the opportunity and possibility of doing more work. There are so many elements that Dr. Lewis combined into really creating the perfect tooth because everyone's mouth is custom. It alleviated a lot of stress to be able to be in control of so many variables and to know that if it didn't look right and I was unhappy that he would do something to rectify that. So, the door was always open, and it's just been a great experience. Now I come in for total healthcare and I bring my children here as well, who are grown, so they might be in need of some cosmetic dentistry down the road and they already have someone wonderful like Dr. Lewis and the staff in place.