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Patient Story - Nathan

After an assault that left his teeth damaged, Nathan trusted Dr. Guy Lewis to restore his smile to its original charming state

Nathan Gets His Smile Back

So the reason I came to see Dr. Guy Lewis was I was actually assaulted about a year ago. The guy that attacked me destroyed my front six teeth. He fractured the maxilla up here. I was actually recommended to Dr. Guy Lewis by a family friend of mine. So I came to see him to try to get all those teeth fixed and back to normal, and look like I used to. So Dr. Guy Lewis, he was a God send to me and to my wife really too. She was scared that I was never gonna look the same, or even be ready to be presentable for our wedding. So he was on top of his game the whole entire time, making sure that I was gonna be ready and presentable. And now I have the teeth that I had before. And that's exactly what I wanted, I wanted to walk out of here and look exactly like I did before. Because the way I looked when I walked in was kinda scary. So yeah, Dr. Guy Lewis and all of his staff have been wonderful people, and I'm glad that I've met him and what he's done for me.