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Houston Cosmetic Dentist Guy Lewis talks about his patented G Lewis no-prep veneers

Houston Cosmetic Dentist Guy Lewis talks about his patented G Lewis no-prep veneers

G. Lewis No Prep Veneers

G. Lewis Veneers are a veneer that I developed over 10 years ago. And the reason I did that is that traditionally veneers were made by taking the tooth and reducing or grinding them down to create space so that you could build the veneer up over the top of that and they wouldn't be too thick and bulky. And those are great for a lot of people because they have crookedness and different reasons why we need to adjust the teeth anyway. But for a lot of people who have fairly straight teeth or people who just want to be really conservative, they didn't want to have their teeth ground on or reduced.

And so I had a patient come in and she said, "You know, I really want veneers but I don't want you to take anything off my teeth." And there were some products on the market on the time that were kind of a prep-less veneer, but they looked real Chiclet-like, they didn't have any characteristics of real teeth. They were very opaque, they just were ugly, really. And so I said, "I will not do something like that because I just don't think it looks good, but let me work with my lab and let's see if we can develop something that could work for you."

And so sure enough, we did. After many weeks of working and working, we came up with a way to make these veneers ultra-thin but still use the pretty porcelain like I would use in regular veneers. And so they named them after me; they call them G. Lewis Veneers, and they were one of the first ones that are out on the market and have been doing really well. People really love them. I have so many people that have always wanted to do something but they're just afraid of having their teeth ground down.

And actually, I do a lot of young people, too. I'm a father of five kids and from what I know, I wouldn't want to bring a young kid and take their teeth down to put veneers on. But with these, they could be put right over the teeth. They look so natural, so lifelike. We've done nothing to the teeth so that, technically, I could remove them and their teeth would be just like they were before.

So I really love doing them. They really look great. They don't look bulky. I take a lot of time to finish them and make them ideal and fit perfectly. And they really are a great product and they're very popular.