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Patient Story - Macy

Following a work accident, Macy came to see Dr. Lewis to have her smile rebuilt. He was able to give her a beautiful smile to match her beautiful personality!

Macy's Story

Everyone knew me as the ladder girl, that fell off the ladder. I had fallen 15 feet face first. My mouth was wired shut, and all my teeth were shattered. So I was referred by a friend's mom who came to the hospital to see me. She said, "He's the best." And I said, "Okay!" I saw him a month after that when the wires were finally cut. He came into that room, and he canceled everything. He sat by my side, he never left me. He was there for seven and a half hours working on me, just so I could eat. He called that night to check on me. Spoke on the phone with my husband to make sure I was okay. He's been fantastic! Every time I come he calls to check on me. I don't even look the same because of him. I look better than I did before. I will never regret it. It's pretty amazing!