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Houston Cosmetic Dentist explains the benefits of teeth whitening

Houston Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Guy M. Lewis talks about all of the options for whitening teeth at his office in the Woodlands, Tx.

Teeth Whitening in Houston TX

For a lot of people, teeth whitening is an amazing process that really helps their smile lighten up, get them brighter, and really look nice. It's something that we can do a variety of ways. The most popular way is to do it in office where we use a light that speeds up the process and gives you an amazing smile in just an hour. And then you can take home some trays that you put a gel in to try to boost that more, or you can just do the whitening with trays alone. For some people, they prefer to do it that way. Either way, the bleaching will do wonders for your teeth. It really makes them look beautiful and it really gives you a bright, pretty smile.