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Smile Lift makes you look YEARS younger! Dr. Guy M. Lewis, DDS

Carol wanted a more youthful look, so Houston cosmetic dentist Dr. Guy Lewis gave her a smile lift. As you age, your teeth wear down and bring your nose and chin closer together, giving the appearance of age. By opening your bite with crowns or veneers, we can take those years off of your smile and make you look years younger!

Smile Lift Turns Back Time

Carol: I've been going to Dr. Lewis's office for several years. My teeth were aging, and also the color was not as good as we'd like it to be.

Guy Lewis DDS: Over time, as our teeth wear down, our nose and our chin get closer together, because our teeth are what hold our nose and our chin apart. As our teeth grind down, then this dimension of our face starts to collapse.

Carol starting noticing over time how her teeth looked more and more ground down. She had worn through the enamel. She had dark spots on her lower teeth. Her upper teeth were really flat and short.

Carol: He discussed with me, to have the crowns or veneers, to give me a little bit of lift, a smile lift.

Guy Lewis DDS: We call it smile lift. It's kind of a play on a facelift because it actually makes your face look younger and longer. By going in and opening up their bite and making their teeth a little longer, then it just makes them look so much better.

Carol: I had thought about it for quite a while because I wasn't really sure I really wanted to do that. With my husband's prompting, because he had had the procedure and it was wonderful and had a great experience, I decided that I would do it, also.

Guy Lewis DDS: We did all of her teeth. We opened up her bite, which gave me room to make her teeth longer. Now she looks 15 years younger, and with whiter teeth. It really made a huge difference in her. She is so happy. She's such a sweet lady, anyway, but now she's got the bright smile to match.

Carol: I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. With my family, they don't say, "What did you have done to your teeth?" They have a tendency to say, "Your teeth look really nice!" They can't quite figure out why they look better, which is really what I wanted. I'm very, very happy!